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>> reporter: george lyon was a plaintiff in the heller case in which they lifted d.c.'s ban on handguns. >> i want to have teachers who are willing to stand as the last line of defense. >> reporter: he wants the police department to provide firearms training to teachers and staff members who want it. the firearms would be kept in the locked biometric safe that only opens for those with the fingerprint match. that he says will keep the guns from getting in the wrong hands. >> they would open up. it could be done in seconds. >> reporter: why allow teachers and staff here and that they will point to the columbine shootings and say that there is need for more defense in schools. >> the officer was outside at the time the attack happened. there were two shooters. he did engage in one, but in the meantime they were free to do what they wanted to. >> reporter: they said that
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they have learned to first engage the school resource officers. >> once he is out of the picture, they have essentially a gun-free zone, you know, or a fertile killing field. >> reporter: he says that the staff members who sign up, they would also go through the psychological screening. at sandy hook, teachers did their best to save children and some lost their own lives doing so. >> and they would post themselves to a shooter and they had no tool to stop the attack. >> he believes that the terrorists have watched our reaction to sandy hook and that they might be planning something like this. >> and for a second if they could pull off a similar type of incident that they would not do it. that scares me. >> reporter: and now he has just submitted the plan for safer d.c. schools this week to the city. the mayor spokesman blasted the idea and said the last thing we need is more guns in schools.
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he says that the urban setting is entirely different than some rural state. saying here in d.c. you could respond to the situation within minutes. but he says that they are happy to look at the proposal. leslie? >> all right, thank you. president obama is keeping his foot on the gas when it comes to gun control. addressing the democratic caucus in leesburg, acknowledging that there are regional differences when it comes to feelings on firearms. but the president says that the priority will need to be on keeping children safe. >> but what we know is the majority of the responsible gun owners that are recognized as we could not have a situation in which 20 more of our children or 1,000 more of our children are shot and killed in the senseless fashion. >> reporter: meanwhile the president of the nra predicts that all gun control measures will fail in congress. today in denver, david keen called the universal background checks a political sweet spot. >> reporter: the washington redskins name, they are now taking a beating down at the
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smithsonian. it's the focus of the symposium at the american indian. they have been debated and dragged through the courts for years. and the washington post sports columnist, he's one of the panelist and he has been a champion in finding a gift that might change for the burgundy and gold. >> i think when people say redskins are around washington, you know, we hear the bedspread here and that the sound, it's the same. when you go to the same place out of south dakota, the person will tell you, you know, that name, it is equivalent to the n word. >> and it's the washington redskins for how many years? a long time. and now absolutely not changing their name, no way. >> reporter: would you be okay if they changed their name? >> i would, yeah, i'd be okay with that. i would get the new number 10 and the jersey here with washington and a new name. >> reporter: and do you hear that dan snyder? a new lawsuit to get the redskins name changed, expected
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to be heard next month at the u.s. patent and trademark office. in the meantime all this talk of a possible redskins name change, it is lighting up the wusa facebook page. one viewer writes can it not be it? and why is it hateful? because it is not. another facebooker says to leave it alone. not everything is racially motivated. another response, the native americans might see it a little differently. if you could have them call on the redskins that we could have a teen be called the n word. sounds fair. it is just a great derogatory term as they are to the african americans. want to join in on the conversations? you could do it any time. just log on to wusa9's facebook page. the search is on for the body of the 2-year-old little girl. apparently carded away in the trash. her mother is now charged with murder. annapolis police arrested the 25-year-old chelsea booth early this morning. >> i'm scott broom in annapolis junction, maryland. where at this hour annapolis
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police are using dogs to try to find the body of a murdered toddler in hundreds of tons of trash. kassidey booth. she was just 2 years old. her mother 25-year-old chelsea booth arrested and charged this morning in annapolis with smothering her youngest child and throwing the body in this dumpster in the gardens apartment. booth confessed, police say, but not before a trash truck picked up the dumpster. now annapolis police are supervising a search for the girl's body at this waste management trash transfer facility in annapolis junction. >> the mother at first had a plausible story about the child being elsewhere, you know, but we continued to follow up. and we were able to confirm that the child was not where she said it was. and continued questioning her. >> reporter: police say that they were originally tipped off by a neighbor who was concerned that she had not seen kassidey and her mom was not talking about it. scott broom, wusa9.
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>> i made sure that the can was full for the snow blower and fired up the generator to make sure it worked. >> tonight people across new england are getting ready for a historic foreast. in addition to a couple feet of snow, you could deal with hurricane-forced winds and flooding. all adding up to a very dangerous system. topper shutt, are we going to see any residual from this at all? >> maybe a little bit. our mountains will. good news for the skiers. maybe a couple snow showers, but that's about it. this is not our storm. now with that said as the onset of the precipitation with the winter weather advisories north and west of town. overnight for some sleet and freezing rain. we'll go to graphics. these are where the warnings are up to the north and along the corridor. no real surprise there as we talked about it being a little bit here in terms of the winter precipitation. and so they are about where we thought they would be.
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essentially planning for a wet commute. it's bad enough without adding any moisture. 37 right now in leesburg and manassas and downtown. everybody is above freezing right now. the problem is we've got one storm to the west, one storm to the south. and boy you look at that picture and you think wow that we're going to get hammered, but not so much. they will need to skim by us, to give us a little bit of the light rain and the mix in the morning and the heavier rain that will fall along here. we'll come back and let you know if this thing will be wrapping up around any cold air or moisture as we get into tomorrow night's commute and the rest of your weekend here as well. >> all right, thank you. the man hunt is expanding for christopher dorner, a disgruntle los angeles cop that is wanted in three killings. the u.s. marshall's service says that the search -- u.s. marshal's service says that the search has stretched to several other states. he is also suspected of
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wounding two other officers. authorities say that he posted an online manifesto warning that he would target officers he considers racist and abusive to the public. today, president obama picked up the cia director, facing a tough senate confirmation hearing. john brennan was peppered with questions about the obama administration's use of deadly drone strike against al qaeda suspects. during the hearing, officers removed protesters pretty angry about that protest. brennan has been with the program for 25 years. the senate will vote on his nomination later on this month. until now, georgetown has been known as one top-notch joint. in fact one of the highest class grocers in america. well, after rats, roaches, mice and our friend, oh my goodness, russ. what's the story in >> reporter: at least these rats, roaches, you know it works right outside now. and they did.
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the name is nearly synonymous with quality control and this is bad. just bad news. almost unbelievable for their fancy food gourmet shopping. the high dollar caviar. fine meat and loving customers. overnight shoppers at the grocers were shocked to see the health department's eminent health hazard warning views. ordering them to close over the noon hour today where this store, they opened back up, saying that they had passed the reinspection. yesterday they decided to show you live birds from rat and mice. there was mold inside the ice machine. it's especially well known for their selection of imported cheese. and that section in the store, where inspectors cited live roaches and mice droppings inside the cheese display area.
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they have declined the interview request, but in a statement claiming that it is mostly on the construction project next door, saying that they are committed to the cleanest most hygienic environment and the highest standards. now you know as soon as these places pass reinspection as they did, we go back in. and tonight at 11:00, we'll show you what we find. >> i can't get over the live birds. that's the one you don't see every day. >> you will tonight at 11:00. [ laughter ] >> this is why we love russ. all right coming up on your only local news at 7:00, we will tell you how your phone can get you charged up and help knock off some unwanted pounds. i'll be reading and listening, believe me. still ahead prince george's county poll system and their controversial classroom video including discussion about turning gay people
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the prince george's county school system has pulled andrea an anti-pulling video. it shows the 7th grade health classes told this week after the city paper made inquiries about it. here is a clip of the video as
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we warn you it does involve discussions about sex. >> i have dreams of being basically intimate with a woman. i was full of anxiety. all i wanted was for someone to hold me. i could imagine telling anyone that i was sexually attracted to girls. >> the spokesman for prince's county school said that they had approved the vid -- prince george's county school said that they had approved the video to be shown. after an outstanding donation to the non-profit group, people will remember richard herman for another century. we'll have more on the man of his gift and the organization
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the family matters of greater washington that has been helping people with no other place to turn and in their history of the first, comes with the other big one that could secure their ability here to serve for another 100 years. from the section here to improve life in the community to their hand in crafting
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social security and starting the first program here for the parents. then it has meant the social challenges. they survived the great depression, but the current ceo, they wonder if a new economic shakedown would put that services here, improving the human condition on life support. >> and it has been incredibly difficult. >> reporter: in recent weeks they learned about a gift that would help them meet their challenge. and the long-time donor, they died at the age of 100, but not before taking a step to security the future of the generation. >> and with the recipient at $28 million. >> reporter: it was the crescendo built with small donations that doubled overtime. >> they have given that there. and in fact they started giving $25 a year. >> reporter: but even the family is surprised as they did not seem to focus on people in need.
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at the town hall meeting, they cheered on the news. it means that the family matters, they could continue to provide their broad services. she counts herself as the success story, thanks to the program here. >> reporter: most of them learn at camp and i would never have learned ever. >> reporter: they see both ends of the family matter spectrum two. being served by the group senior shelter and volunteers there too. >> family matters. and it has become like the oasis for me. >> the place where i could deal -- could deal with people with the same struggles. >> reporter: the donation is proof of the big hearts in the washington region. the last offering to family matters, bringing new meaning to giving. >> that's the gift that we believe will keep on living and keep giving. >> he was a quiet man from d.c., inheriting most of their wealth from their father and
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they plan to establish the charitable trust in their name that would generate income from year to year to help them harness the healing power as they believe that's one of the best ways to preserve their legacy. that's pretty cool. and yes, they started giving them that there for 25 years. here is a live look outside. brought to you by michael and son as the clouds are in place. temperatures are down to 40 out of the southeast at 6. pressure is falling a little bit. and a little colder in the burbs though. 37 in bethesda. 37 in reston and fairfax. and 39 in springfield. 37 also over towards andrews. upper 30s to charles county and down towards la platta. you folks could have a little mix overnight no doubt. here is storm number 1. mainly rain and snow mix in chicago, but a little bit of the snow up in madison. the main event, the main storm will be this storm in the
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southern strings of the southeast. it will really intensify off the mid-atlantic coast. they will miss us. the heavy snow will miss us. a wintery mix by dawn, north and west of town. other than that right now we're looking at nothing around richmond for the time being, working their way up here as we need to go through the night. light rain by dawn. but above 32 in the metro. gaithersburg north and west. nothing serious. friday grab a coat and an umbrella and a wet commute. perhaps a wet commute going home. so our future cast, it looks like this. 5:230 in the morning prepare if the wet commute. down i-5, either side of d.c. with a little bit of the snow and mix. and certainly west of i-81. the best chance here. then we'll get into the 9:30 hours. still light rain and showers. nothing real heavy. look for all the activity here. and putting us back into motion
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for you. and just light showers in the metro area as they will wrap back up around. snow is possible for tomorrow night. west of i-81 and certainly west of the divide. so the next three days, they are yellow tomorrow. they will impact your two and from work trip no doubt about that as they could end with the snow flurries. windy and colder on saturday. upper 30s. some people look forward to mostly sunny. but the high temperatures are near 50. that's the good deal. the next seven days are mild and wet on monday in the 50s. gorgeous on tuesday. sunshine at5. and wet on wednesday. maybe that rain will end with snow again on wednesday night as cold air moves in and colder on thursday with the highs near 40. we'll be back with the
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hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
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as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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an awful start to the season, the wizards are showing signs of life. just last night they upset them here and they have more on the big turnaround. >> we're here at the verizon
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package. we have one guy, one man. look behind, he got it. while spinning in the lane to delay it up and in. >> and he'll open up sometimes. but when they need to penetrate guys, they will need to sink in because they are so crafty finishing in all ways. >> i didn't think that they would be good from the beginning. because you know i feel like it is a great talent wise here for the guys to come down. >> talented and tougher. he has been steadfast, leading opponents here as we will not be pushed around. some point the brief shoving match with new york, amare stoudamire. >> we don't want to get into any problems. we're not backing down for anybody. >> reporter: and the other players are getting healthy. now they will need to get their coach back.
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they are out sick today with the flu, but the team says not to worry as they will be on the bench on friday night when they come to town. at the verizon center, wusa9. >> now the nfl season is officially over as the baltimore brass, they have some work to do with what will be a pivotal year for the ravens. signing out from their massive contract. plenty of other free agents to deal with. no time to rest. >> i would not believe on the defending champ thing. you know, it's not boxing. you don't want to get a fight for the title. now, you could say that we were five weeks behind. but i will take those five weeks behind them every year. and we have started here already. >> reporter: and also don't forget to vote on the high school game of the week poll. your last chance, they will announce that winner tonight. go to u.s.a. today high school sports poll to vote. a lot of great games on the list and winner tonight at 11:00. >> that sounds good. that's it for us.
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